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Artist Statement


When I paint, my intention is to capture the beauty and essence of a person, place or thing. A blending of abstraction and realism, I respond emotionally to space, color, shape, line and light. On sight works in watercolor sometimes serve as inspiration in the studio for larger more conceptual pieces. The small-scale watercolors capture the essence on site spontaneously. Using all my senses I respond to the light, sound, feel, and smell of the site. I approach plein air oils in the same manner where an abstract quality of color, shape, and line create the space. An interdisciplinary merging of various art forms and cultures is present in my painting. The plein air landscapes capture the atmosphere, season and time of day using a painterly technique. These paintings may also serve for larger studio works where sometimes separate and different views or atmospheres are hard-edgily merged as one, creating a blend of painterly representation and abstraction.  My approach to other subject matter is interdisciplinary and multicultural, using various art disciplines and cultures as inspiration in evoking their essence and spirit.

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